The Rory Walworth Memorial Fund raises money for Wheels4Life.

Wheels4Life is a charity that provides bicycles for people in developing countries that need transportation to get to work or school. Helping health care workers, teachers, schoolchildren, farmers and more.

Wheels4life was founded by former Mountain Bike World Champion, Hans Rey who wanted to give something back to the people who he met on his journeys.

Hans remains grateful for the opportunities and career he had through the sport and given Rory’s love of cycling, and his admiration of Hans Rey, we would love it if you could help us support this cause.

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These lives are changed as a result of receiving a Wheels4Life bicycle

Rory’s family are immensely grateful for the support that our friends and acquaintances have generously given during the past 10 years. We have raised over £100,000 in Rory’s memory and more than 1000 bikes have already been handed over in his name – other projects will be rewarded with bikes, once the vetting has been carried out. You can find more information at wheels4life.org.


What the Walworth family have achieved is amazing, having raised enough money to enable us to buy over 600 bikes for people in the greatest need of transportation in developing countries around the world. Wheels 4 Life is a non-profit registered in the US, but we do give bicycles globally, 6000 to date. We are small but very pure, we know every person that receives a bicycle from us and we follow up with them. We do not simply hand out bikes and hope for the best. There is a strict vetting procedure and an application will take at least a year to be approved. We work with voluntary project leaders in the field. No one is paid at Wheels 4 Life – we aim to keep our overheads at an absolute minimum”  Carmen Rey, 2014


Carmen Rey and the happy recipient of a bike, which was bought using funds raised in Rory’s memory.

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