Rory’s Walk 2015

On 11th of April 2015, over 50 people (and over half as many dogs) embarked on the annual charity walk in memory of Rory to raise money and awareness for Wheels4Life. It was a beautiful spring day, and unlike past years, the rain and clouds stayed away and allowed for a great day for walking.


The walk began in Milton on Stour where Lucy and JC’s back garden became a swarm of chatter, sloe gin cocktails, tea, coffee and bacon butties to fuel the walkers for the journey ahead. It goes without saying that some tucked into the alcohol more than others, and as follows, some began the walk at a quick pace, others at a casual stroll.

The walk allowed for dogs and their humans alike to make new friends and sniff each other’s bottoms (the dogs that is). As well as giving those who knew Rory fondly to recall memories and laugh about the time they got to share with him, the walk also allows stories to be told to those who didn’t know Rory, and to keep his memory alive in that way.

DSC01276 DSC01285

A ‘Rory’ walk wouldn’t have been complete without multiple tea and cake stops, with huge thanks to everyone who helped out, and an extra thank you to JC for his unrivalled lemon drizzle. Not only this, but each walker was even treated to a huge vat of chilli to gorge themselves on at lunchtime. Needless to say, the second half of the walk was done at a more casual pace.

With bruised feet, and blister plasters a-plenty, the tired crowds eventually reached their final destination, the White Lion at Bourton. With plenty of pints to numb their aching limbs, everyone sat down to celebrate another successful walk in Rory’s memory. It’s only left to thank the continuous generosity of time and energy from Lucy and her Gillingham/Mere lovelies for their stoical support for the charity and the walk every year. Keep your eyes peeled for information on the next walk on this web page.

Rosie Walworth

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