On April 2nd a group of 57 walkers gathered in Milton on Stour for the annual “Rory Walk”.

JC cooked up bacon and mushrooms enough for everyone to have a breakfast roll to get them off to a good start. Jude rounded everyone up for registration and we had all finally got underway by 9.45am.

By lunchtime we had already stopped at the Butt of Sherry in Mere and the Red Lion, Kilmington – oh and had a coffee and homemade cake stop. Lunch was at Home Farm in Stourton, with a tasty sausage and chorizo casserole to keep everyone going.

Final stop the White Lion in Bourton. As usual people in dispute about the miles that they had walked, but it was in the region of 14 miles. A fantastic day and better still over £2,000 raised.

Many thanks to all walkers, helpers and supporters/sponsors.

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